The Baileys Polo

With the warm weather ahead, we can already see the trend of the polo shirt returning to the streets. The Baileys polo shirt is an outerwear piece for men with short sleeves. They look like T-shirts but have a collar like that of a shirt. With a folded neckline and sometimes with buttons. But where exactly does the garment come from? 

The history of the Bailey polo. 

The polo shirt is known as much worn and dressed casual wear. Nowadays the polo is accessible to everyone, but in the past polo shirt was only intended for the higher classes in society. The garment originated in the 1920s due to the clothing that was worn while playing tennis. The piece of clothing was designed by a tennis champion because he thought it was too hot to play tennis in long-sleeved shirts, which was therefore part of tennis clothing at the time. So it actually started for personal use and was only later marketed to the general public. 

Different models 

Baileys Polo shirts come in many different models nowadays. Some long sleeve shirts are also labeled as a polo. But in principle this term only applies to the short sleeve versions of these shirts. The different models often have to do with certain sports. For example, polo shirts are often seen in combination with tennis, hockey and similar sports. But you can also just wear them as everyday clothes. Above or in the pants, both look good and dressed. 

Our polo’s

Baileys has been the fashion label for years, known for its high quality polos, making Baileys polos a household name in the fashion world. The polos are available in the exclusive men’s store. For information about Baileys points of sale, please contact us. Please send us a mail: