Sustainable Clothes

Sustainable clothes

Baileys is sustainable clothing

Men who wear sustainable menswear, helps to improve the world. Without a doubt our world is very important for us. Especially for this reason our collections are produced in the best manufacturers.

We take our responsibility:

At this time: The fashion world is changing. For example, the better brands have their clothes produced in environmentally friendly factories. Above all we also want to take our responsibly with these changes. Baileys works with factories who also thinks about human and animal rights. We unlike to work with factories who work with harmful products.
We only have our menswear made in factories where human well-being is paramount. For this reason we have our products produced in europe. Above all in this way we try to reduce CO2 emissions.

For Baileys, Helping to protect our world means: Producing our men’s collection with the best materials. For example shirts, sweaters, jackets and cardigans are made of high quality fabrics. While we protect human and animal rights

Our Manufacturers:

It is absolutely important for us to build close and personal relationships with our manufacturers. So they can create absolutely the best clothing for us. For example: We work together on cleaner and safer production methods.
As a result of working Together with our manufacturers. Who feel proud and confident to be part of our family. We work together on a better (fashion) world.In this case we inspect our manufacturers every few months. Our manufacturers also have annual inspections from other international companies as well. Therefore they receive these certificates: (ISO9001-2008/SA8000/EMS/GOTS/OKETEX)

In Short: By buying our mens collection. You help to make the world a better place. Above all we hope you will be inspired by our initiatives. The future is green. The future is ours!

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