Our knitwear collection:

Baileys is known for its high-quality knitwear collections. These knitwear collections are produced from sustainable products, where animal and welfare are paramount.

What is wool and how does Baileys use it:

Wool consists of soft, thin hair from the fur of certain animals. Baileys uses wool to produce the high-quality garments. The wool that Baileys uses is produced in Australia and New Zealand.

The history of wool:

Wool consists of a special type of animal hair that is created by a long selection process in the fur of wild sheep. The people who used to wear sheepskins as clothing gradually discovered that they could also make yarn and woven textiles from their hair.Wool differs from her in that it has scales. Wool is also crimped. It has up to 20 turns per 2.5 centimeters. This keeps the air well retained, making wool a good heat insulator. This insulating outer layer prevents a sheep from excluding its body heat. Both properties, the scales and the crucible, which makes it easy to spin. The fibers hook easily together and then stick together.

There are different types of wool:

• Virgin wool is the undamaged wool, sheared from a healthy and living sheep. Virgin wool can be recognized in a store by the international wool brand, which is legally protected in more than 100 countries.

• Naked wool from trowel wool is wool from a dead sheep. It is obtained by a chemical treatment of the skins of slaughtered sheep.

• Tear wool aimed at wools of a lower quality, recovered from worn clothing or from yarn and fabric waste from the textile industry.

• Artificial wool is wool that occurs from reuse. It does not come directly from the animal, but is extracted from wool-containing rags.Why does Baileys use wool? Wool is a good insulator against cold. This is because there is a lot of stagnant air between the small curled fibers of the wool. Wool naturally has a high elasticity. This means that it tends to return to its shape. So it is a resilient fiber, which makes Baileys woolen clothes feel soft.


Wool is a delicate fabric. Sweaters that are worn over a T-shirt shirt should not be washed too often. The same goes for Baileys wool coats. Airing is a better option than washing. If it is necessary, wool can be washed. However, this does not apply to all wool types. In any case, the washing label in the clothing should be carefully observed. Hand washing is also preferred.