The Baileys summer collection is better than ever this year!

With the sunny weather on arrival and temperatures already starting to rise. Baileys puts on a great Spring / Summer collection as usual. This season, Baileys has chosen to experiment with colors and materials to create a challenging yet classic collection. The Spring / Summer collection consists of jackets, sweaters, T-shirts and shirts this season, but also think of great pants, swimming trunks and of course our iconic polos.

In addition to beautiful T-shirts, Baileys also has the most beautiful polo shirts in the collection this season. The advantage of a polo shirt is that during warm weather, it is more stylish than a T-shirt but much more comfortable than a shirt. To make wearing a shirt as comfortable as possible, Baileys uses light and unique fabrics to make the wearer as optimal as possible.

The Iconic collections of Baileys shirts can be worn both formally and casual. The rule for this is: When the shirt is worn for formal occasions, choose a double cuff. If it’s a casual affair, wear a single cuff.

Whatever your preference, Baileys’ Spring / Summer collections are airy, flexible and stand for style and luxury.

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